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Top 10 Pharmaceutical Additives Alpha Lipoic Acid

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Lipoic acid, also known as Thioctic Acid, ThiocSaure. It is an organic compound with a yellowish crystal powder appearance. It has antioxidant properties and is soluble in water. It has extremely high health care functions and medical value.This products can be used in many aspects, pharmaceutical industry, health care, functional food,cosmetics etc.

In addition, we can provide  Alpha Lipoic Acid powder, Alpha Lipoic Acid granule, Alpha Lipoic Acid sodium and R-Alpha Lipoic Acid... with stable quality and affordable price..

lipoic acid

Lipoic Acid Multifunctional Application

1. Relieve and recover from fatigue

2. Improve dementia

3. Can beautify and anti-aging

4. Helps treat cardiovascular disease, diabetes

5. Can stabilize blood sugar

6. Can inhibit the occurrence of cancer cells in the body

7. Promote blood circulation in the body

8. Can reduce obesity and control weight

9. Improve the body's metabolism

10. Strengthen the function of liver activity

regulate blood pressure